Interface Design Solutions for Network, Security & Big Data Applications

User Task Analysis

Focus your Application on your core functionality. Arquevue can help identify, analyze and deploy an applications functionality based on its value. This analysis surfaces a clear navigation system that is object and task based, organizing objects for findability and tasks for easy completion.

Modern Custom Dashboarding

We create modern dashboards with meaningful data visualized in the best charting and graphing for context. Nothing is more satisfying than that perfect graph to display vital information. Orchestrating data over several visualizations can bring granular insights without having to change context.

Modular Design Systems

Arquevue designs modular systems that starts with the Application Shell and builds up consistently with templates, cards & components. This creates a clean and consistent design system that is easily maintained and a clean DOM that can be switched between dark and light modes.

Integrated Delivery

Arquevue can facilitate the transfer of design components into a modern development environment through Storybook. The flow between layered, designed components into Storybook and through to deployment is the key to realizing original intent.

The Intersection of Form & Function

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